Did you never hire a Limousine before?

If yes, there must be some questions you need clarification about limo bus rental in Dubai. Just make call to Green Route Leisure and we will give you all the necessary details you need to plan your trip.

When will your hourly rate start?

We do not charge any rate for travel time to you!! The rate begins from the time, our chauffeur picks you up and it ends at drop off time. We will be with you always for any assistance till you reach your final destination.

Let us know the types of Limousines are you hiring?

We hire Hummer H2 stretch Limousine, Ford Lincoln Stretch Limousine, Audi Stretch Limousine, BMW Limousine and Porsche Stretch limousine.

What is the extra cost we should expect on your Limousine hiring?

Prices are subject to change without notice. Restrictions may apply. Please call us for cost details to other destinations.

What should we do in case of cancellation of Limousine booking?

Once you booked the limousine for your private use, we never market that to anyone else. So we are sorry that we cannot offer any refunds on cancelling the reservation.

What type of attire will your chauffeurs wear?

Chauffeur must be in well dressed. They will be in clean and professional dress code. Chauffeurs are stylishly attired in executive uniform and they are always beside you for any assistance.

Is your limousine well maintained and well equipped?

Yes. If any vehicle is found with any fault or maintenance that will be placed away from reservation until the necessary maintenance is completed. We have inspection, repair and maintenance records and provide these records to all of our limos for hire in Dubai.

Do you have limo service with self drive facility?

No. We do not have a limo with self drive facility. Our limousine hiring service includes a fully qualified chauffeur.

Do we have drinks in the Limousine?

Yes. We will have non-alcoholic soft drinks for free. You can update us your favorite otherwise you can carry your own.

Do you consider your limos are well set?

We provide well equipped vehicles only. You can enjoy our limousine service in the fully loaded vehicles with the most modern amenities.

Can you arrange a bouquet of flowers in the limo for my wife/girlfriend?

Certainly, we are here to assist you. We also provide services like hotel reservation at discounted prices in some specific regions, free entry and VIP passes to most popular clubs in some countries. If you have any queries, don't hesitate to call or email us to get an idea about what we offer to our customers.

When will the hire time begin and how can we plan our trip?

Our drivers will reach at the starting place before the agreed pick-up time. It helps you to get into the limo without any hindrance. The driver will give you a brief about how to operate the CD/DVD/Karaoke and also assist you to get your soft drinks. You must make a clear plan chart about you trip before starting the hire time. This will assist us to make your journey more beautiful and try to avoid heavy traffic and you can make maximum use of your hire time to get pleasure from the trip. We can also advise the most important areas, shopping locations, stop-off points to take snaps etc.

How long will be the minimum hire period?

It is 1 hour. But with an hour trip, you can move a bit ahead. We recommend you to take an extra half an hour to enjoy your trip to its maximum extent which will give you a very thrilling and luxury limousine journey.

What are the things included in your limousine hiring rate?

You are renting a first class limousine and we are providing the latest vehicles in town, with all of the latest technologies and amenities. We continually evaluate our hand-picked, highly professional chauffeurs for their trustworthiness, driving skills and customer service attitudes. We have a section of soft drinks. You can also bring your own extra drinks as per local rules at no additional cost.

Is smoking allowed in the lime or shall we take party snacks with us?

No. Both smoking and party snacks are not allowed in limo. We do not allow smoking due to health and security reasons. And the law is also against smoking. It will also destroy the hygienic atmosphere in the limo. When you are in need, we are happy to stop off for a small break. In case of food, it will also wash out the fresh and clean mood of our limos.


The hire period begins when our chauffeur arrives to pick you up at the start point and time. All bookings will be in pending category until we accept an advance payment not less than 50% by cash/cheque/wire transfer. Your booking will be confirmed within 24 hours once advance amount is received and the booking will become changed to confirmed status.

The booking will cancel if you cannot make the full payment by the due date and the advance amount will not be refundable. In case of cancellation also advance amount will not be refundable. The company will repay the deposit in inevitable circumstances. We are not responsible for unfavorable climate conditions which may lead to the delay or cancellation of a booking by The Company. If The Company cancels a booking, a full refund will be given to the customer without any delay.

We do regular inspection and maintenance of our vehicles and make confirmed that they are 100% equipped for your service. But we will not take the responsibility for any electrical, mechanical or material failure, if it happened unexpectedly during the hiring time. In any of these unpredictable circumstances, we will take instant actions to repair the vehicle to continue your trip or the hirer will be shifted to another vehicle. Please note that substitute vehicle will not necessarily be a stretch limousine.

If the reserved vehicle is under any unexpected repairs due to mishap or some other cause, just before / on the date of hire, we will try our level best to arrange an alternative or similar vehicle at The Company's discretion. You can conveniently ask for a refund in case if you are not willing to accept the solutions provided.

The Company has the power to change, replace or renew the vehicle booked or advertised at any time to maintain standards followed by The Company. The substitute vehicle must be of the same type and exterior color as originally booked and will be duly notified to the Hirer.

The Hirer shall be fully accountable for any damage caused inside or outside of the vehicle by any team member. This includes provocation to any third party like shouting to pedestrians from windows or drawing attention by knocking on windows which results in damage to the vehicle.

The Company or any of its representatives (i.e. Chauffeur) reserves the right to prohibit entry to the vehicle, any person they consider unfit, for whatever reason. They have also the right to 'say no' to continue the journey in case any member behave harmfully to other or to the vehicle and its contents. In this circumstance there is no choice for refund.

The Hirer is responsible for glassware breakages.